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Table of Contents

  1. About prestashop2woocommerce
  2. Installation
  3. prestashop Api Credentials
  4. How it works
  5. Demo
  6. Autosync

A)About prestashop2woocommerce – top

To start Importing your allow_fopen_url should be enabled to yes in php.ini file.
prestashop2woocommerce Extension allows to import products,pricing,description,categories, images etc from “prestashop” to your wordpress woocommerce Store. The extension reads out prestashop store automatically and import the products in your woocommerce Store.

B) Installation – top

prestashop2woocommerce.zip contains the files/directories.

  • doc
    • index.html
    • assets
  • prestashop2woocommerce-plugin.zip

Upload prestashop2woocommerce-plugin.zip file for install the Plugin.

C)Prestashop Api Credentials – top

To import items from prestashop to woocommerce site you need.

  1. app Name
  2. app API Key
  3. app secret
  4. D)How It works – top

    Before Importing product from Prestashop to woocommerce You have to give your credentials



  • Inserting prestashop Api details
  • Navigate to the link prestashop2woocommerce->Manage Api Accounts and and click on add new account add account name as you wish, appId, USer Id, Dev Id, User token, Cert Id and click on submit button

    Api Accounts new

  • Inserting prestashop Store details
  • To Import Store Categories
  • To import store categories navigate to the link prestashop2woocommerce->Import prestashop Store Categories and select the api account and store to import categories from and click on import categories. It will import and create all the categories from prestashop store to wordpress woocommerce site


  • Import Page Wise
  • To import all the product of store or user, navigate to the link prestashop2woocommerce->Import Page Wise. Select the api, store and click on download. It will download all the items and once download is completed You can see the import button. On clicking import button it will import products from prestashop2woocommerce.





UserName: prestashop2woo
Password: prestashop2woo123

also check the video of the extension on how to import by clicking here

<iframe src=”https://youtube.com/embed/FUJ3ie-Fpjw” height=”380” width=”550”></iframe>

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