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Price and discount based on Custom User Roles” WooCommerce plugin allows a store admin to easily set up different attractive prices and discounts for different customers based on their customizable roles.


1. Increased Sale

A store owner can avail the benefit of increased sales by setting an attractive discount price on different products. However, you can also sell more by offering more discounted price to a customer who buy large quantities from your store.

2. Easily Set Up Powerful Promotions

As a store owner, you can use this plugin to set up promotional campaigns for different products on some special occasions. For example, a special price for more engaged customer on Christmas or other festivals.

3. Retain Customers For Long Term

The plugin supports in keeping your best customers engaged. Therefore, you can plan a long term pricing strategy for such customers like some rewards after reaching specific shopping goal. It will help you to retain them with you for a long time.

4. Easy to Manage Customers Based on Customized Role

With the help of this plugin, it is easy for you to manage or categorize your different customers such as guest/first time user, regular user, registered user/engaged user, etc. And also set prices for them on the basis of their buying performance at your store.

5. Customize Customer Roles As Many As You Need

A store admin is free to customize any number of levels/roles as per personal need. However, plugin also allows to delete any unnecessary customized user role.

6. Enable/Disable Price and Discount Based on Customer Role

The plugin comes with a great feature of enabling or disabling the check options in order to display regular price to all customers, regular price with discounts to role based users and only discounts to role based users.

Other Important Features

1. Awesome after sales support

2. We aim to response to every query within 6 hours except weekends

3. Fully scalable and customizable

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