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What is AMP ( Páginas móveis aceleradas )
AMP allows content publishers to streamline content templates with an open-source framework named AMP HTML.

It is meant to simplify cumbersome HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements, resulting in a stripped down page that only includes the most vital content (texto, imagens, vídeos, e é claro, site ads).

Websites that opt into this framework benefit from speed improvements since the content templates share common elements and components, leading to a 15 Para 85% performance improvement, according to Google.

From the search engine results page, users can click through to a list of AMP-compliant partner sites. Doing so will load that content almost instantaneously, as Google will also pre-render content above the fold for AMP listings.

Once a user clicks through, there is a persistent blue bar at the top with a call to action to return to the Google SERP.

Características do plugin
Creating a AMP theme for your WordPress site
Automated Direction, nenhuma codificação necessária
Boost your Web Site Performance
Increase your Mobile SEO
Get Leads

New Features on next Version
Different Mobile Themes
Customization for the Mobile Themes through Options Panel

– Versão 1 lançado

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