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“Animar na rolagem” is a WordPress Plugin that will let you easily add awesome animations to any page element of your wordpress site when user scroll.
It uses Animate.css animation library by Daniel Eden and Wow.js biblioteca
developed by Matt Aussaguel. This plugin adds a new menu calledAnimate on Scroll” abaixo “Configurações” menu in the WordPress dashboard where you can manage your site animations.

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  • 70+ different animation styles available
  • Automate jQuery selector on element click
  • Enable/Disable animation on mobile device
  • Animation delay, duração, iteration, offset available
  • Option to preview animation available
  • Animation trigger when user scroll to content
  • Very easy to setup animation on any page element
  • Manage all animations from admin dashboard
  • Nenhuma codificação exigem
  • Transição de CSS3
  • Atravessar a compatibilidade do navegador

Como é que funciona?

On the Animate on Scroll settings page there are two tabs, the ‘Animation Editorand ‘Manage Animationtab you can see it from the admin settings screenshot below.

In the ‘Animation Editortab section you can load any page from your site then just hover the page element you want to add some animation a blue outline will surround the hover element then click it. A draggable popup box will appear after you click the element, you can now set the animation style you want to apply to that element. The jQuery selector field is automaticaly populated upon clicking the element you can change it if you want. Click ‘Show Previewbutton to see the preview of the animation before saving it.

The ‘Manage Animationtab section only list all the animation you have created. You can edit/delete each animation by clicking the row.

Admin Settings Screen

Admin Screen

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