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Include Mapbox in no time in your WordPress pages or posts.
Just press a button, select a few options and your awesome map will shine on your screen.
The plugin was tested on different WordPress installations and themes, e ele só funciona. Se você tem qualquer problema, just drop us a line and we will help you.

Register with Mapbox and navigate to Studio (https://www.mapbox.com/studio). Create your own style (how to in the documentation)

Publish your style and copy the token and style url.

Include the map in your page or post by pressing the awemap button in your text editor.

  • lat & lon: latitude and longitude coordinates for the map
  • passo: map 3D perspective angle (Max 60)
  • zoom: map zoom value (Max 22)
  • altura: map container height (width is set to 100% – container width)
  • geolocate: display locate buton
  • navegação: display zom (+ & -) buttons and reset north button
  • de condução: display driving directions from a point to another. searches in
    the database for areas
  • token de: your Mapbox token (seleção 2. Publicar)
  • estilo: your map custom style (seleção 2. Publicar)


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