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Backup And Restore is a wordpress plugin through which you cantake or schedule backup on local server or cloud servers includingDropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3. You can restore your whole siteincluding database on any of existing restore points with just aclick. Downloading of your wordpress site, database and all of yourbackups are also possible which can be restored through the zip fileand the sql file.


Full Backup

Backup and restore helps to make whole site is backup along withdatabase on local server. It also displays total size of total localbackup and number of restore points created.

Quick Backup

In quick backup only the files which are modified after last backuptaken are considered for backup.
It also displays informationregarding total size and total number of restore points.

Dropbox Backup

You can take full backup of your site with database on dropbox, you have to provide correct credentials. You mainly have to provideDropbox Api key, Dropbox Api Secret and Dropbox Access Token.

Amazon S3 Backup

Your backup can also be uploaded on your amazon S3 account theonly thing you need to do is provide the correct credentials.

Google Drive Backup

Just click on the Google Drive Backup and provide correctcredentials to upload your backup on google drive.

Download your site and database

You can download your wordpress site in zip format and date insql format.

Log and Restore

In log and restore all backups are listed in different sectionaccording to the location where backup is taken .



In configuration settings(API credentials) of different cloudservers are saved.Settings can be easily saved and reset.There arethree section seach for Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.


In customization section folders can be selected for backup, ifthis feature is enabled then only selected folders and files arebackuped.

Backup Schedule

There are options to schedule your backup on the basis of timeand event.

Schedule Timely

You can schedule your backup timely(Semanal, Diário, Mensal) and youhave to sit back and wait at the time of scheduled backup.

Schedule On Event

You can schedule your backup on plugin activation, plugindeactivation and theme activation.

Scheduled Jobs

In this section all backups which are scheduled on timely basisare displayed with following options

1. Gancho

It is the hook on which the backup us scheduled.

2. Tipo

It is the type of backup I.e on which server backup istaken(Local, Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3).

3. Temporização

The actual time at which the backup is scheduled.

4. Next Execution

Next execution time of the Scheduled backup

Como usá-lo

Backup and restore is a wordpress plugin which is really going tomake your life tension free and easy as it provide single click backupand restore feature. But you need to do some setups regarding your APIcredentials for using feature of cloud backup.

Requisitos mínimos

  • WordPress 4.0 ou maior.
  • Versão do PHP 5.5.5 ou maior.
  • CURL extension must be installed.
  • Zip extension must be installed.
  • Versão do MySQL 5.0 ou maior

Outras características

Design responsivo

Take full control over responsive design on different views.

Tradução pronta

.Po e. mo arquivos incluídos, for easy translation to your’s ownlanguage.

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