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SW Category Accordion is a responsive WooCommerce category accordion plugin that allows you to display WooCommerce product categories into a toggle accordion with expand /collapse option.

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Isto WooCommerce categoria acordeão vem com 3 layout demos that support for click or hover event types. It will surely improve the user experience of your WooCommerce shop.


  • Totalmente ágil
  • WordPress 4.6.x compatible
  • 3 layout styles available
  • Alternância de apoio e opções recolhidas.
  • Suporte a tipos de Click e o evento Hover.
  • Sort by Name, Autor, Data, Modificado, Pai, ID, Random and Comment Count
  • Sort by Ascending, Descending options
  • Documentação detalhada
  • Control the number of product to display
  • Allow to set module border
  • Control the number of column/rows to display product
  • Allow to select categories to display
  • Allow to display category’s image
  • Allow to set width/height for category’s image
  • Allow to show/hide product’s image
  • Allow to show/hide Add to Cart/ Add to Compare/ Add to Wishlist buttons
  • Support Slider/Fade effects
  • Auto-play on/off
  • Allow to stop when hover or not.
  • Support Touch drag/ Mouse drag
  • Support Caching
  • Fully compatible with IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera e Chrome


Versão 1.0.0 - Released on Sep 28, 2016
- Lançamento inicial 

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