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Easy Multilanguage Builderplugin helps you to create structural multilingual WordPress website. It means that it doesn’t use any translational technology such as database dictionary, .mo .po i18n files, WPML or something like that. etc…
So using our approach is much more easy than other approaches.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

No code headache, no .mo & .po editing, no multi installs, no WPML.

The plugin just creates navigations by language in one single WP install, then smartly separates languagenavigation islandsfrom each other.

Aviso: This plugin is not for dynamic websites such as e-commerce, Notícias, websites with user memberships etc.
The plugin is specially made for lightweight websites (Intro, pouso, tecnologia, corporate etc…) which doesn’t contain dynamic parts such as news, Comentários, user membership etc.

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