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GoodGame is a purpose built gaming news magazine blog theme. It features everything that a gaming news and reviews site could need. Easily assign platforms like PC, Playstation, Xbox etc. to your posts to indicate which devices are supported. Easily embed your video reviews or new game trailers from youtube, vimeo and others. Powerful review features will allow your game reviews to stand out from competition. Wish to integrate your Twitch.tv account? Nós temos que cobertas!

Integrate your gaming site with Twitch.tv

GoodGame makes it extremely easy to integrate your site with Twitch.tv and show your live game streams, video archive and online/offline status right in the site. We have made multiple special content blocks that allow you to pull content from Twitch and use it as a part of your site either in homepage or dedicated stream page. The theme also features live stream sidebar widget that can be used throughout the theme.

Edit homepage with drag&editor de gota

GoodGame has a beautiful newspaper style homepage layout that you can edit with drag and drop page editor. There are dozen different types of homepage content blocks that can be used and combined in different setups to achieve the perfect layout for you site. The design for blog posts is clean and minimal to avoid distracting the reader.

Supercharge your Gaming Reviews

GoodGame is the perfect theme for review sites. Every post can easily be turned into a review for a new game or gadget etc. All you have to do to get started is open the post edit page in your WordPress admin and set the star rating value. This rating will now show up on the thumbnail for this post in homepage, blog article archive, search results etc.

Another cool thing that’s unique to GoodGame is the Review summary tool. The theme has a specially made custom Visual Composer block that allows you to list all the pros and cons for the product and rate each of the aspects separately. These ratings will be animated the moment this block enters users view port.

Create Video News

It’s very easy to embed a video in your posts and reviews. Just provide a link to the YouTube or Vimeo video you would like to embed and it will be shown in the place of post thumbnail. It’s also possible to set the videos to auto play immediately after opening the post.

Monetise traffic with GoodGame Ads System

GoodGame has extensive features that allow you to insert advertisements in header, barras laterais, posts and various other places in the theme. The theme supports different types of ads in multiple sizes. It’s easier than ever to set up Google Adsense ads or to embed an iframe banner for an affiliate partner. Other advertisement networks are also supportedthe theme allows you to insert any ad network script and display it on front end. You can also use regular image banners that can be linked anywherethis can be useful for advertising products sold right there in your site (using WooCommerce e-commerce software).
The ad management system is simple but quite powerful. You can enable/disable individual ads and their locations with a singe click. Adding and rotating multiple ads is just a matter of checking couple of check-boxes. It’s also super simple to add new advertisements or remove old ads. GoodGame supports the most popular ad sizes and allows besides the predefined locations like header, Galeria, below posts etc. you also have access to ad widgets and visual composer blocks for adding ads to posts.

Powefull integrations with BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce

GoodGame supports integrations with the leading WordPress plugins. We have specifically styled WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress to fit well with the theme. Now you can easily use forums, use BuddyPress social features or setup your storefront with WooCommerce




  • Projeto totalmente ágil – móveis, versão de Tablet e computador
  • Import theme demo with single click
  • Arrastar & Construtor de página gota incluído!
  • Amazing review features
  • Easily create video posts
  • Criar os controles deslizantes mais bonitas lá fora com controle deslizante de revolução (incluído gratuitamente)
  • Grande, painel admin personalizado construído
  • Edit the appearance of GoodGame using live visual editor
  • Suporte a vários idiomas (usando o plugin WPML)
  • Bela tipografia
  • Compartilhamento de mídia social
  • Sidebar personalizável
  • SEO optimizado
  • Layout de página de largura total
  • Formulário de contato
  • WooCommerce suporte
  • Suporte BuddyPress
  • suporte do bbPress

Ajuda e suporte

Se precisar de ajuda com este tema, por favor, visite nosso Fórum de suporte. Por favor, note que estamos localizados na Europa, Então suporte está disponível somente em dia Europeu durante os dias úteis. Pode demorar até 48h para uma resposta bem detalhada para o seu problema.

Por favor note que nós fornecer suporte:

  • Em caso de erros em nosso produto
  • Para aconselhá-lo sobre o uso de nosso produto ’ s recursos

Nós Não Ter de:

  • Ajudá-lo a modificar você ’ re site, por exemplo, alterando as cores dos botões, seções móveis etc. (Desde que nós somos realmente bom, Nós geralmente ajudar clientes com pouco e fácil as coisas Enfim)
  • Criar funcionalidade personalizada para você (-’ s como escrever para a Microsoft e pedir versão personalizado construído do Windows)
  • Te ensinar HTML, CSS or PHP coding

Gaming images used

Images seen in demo pages will not be included in the download. Estas são apenas para visualização. All credit goes to its respective image authors.

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