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Inventive woocommerce text customizer is the perfect tool for font designers who want to sell their fonts online and want to give buyers the possibility to try text before to buy.

It is also designed for shops who sell engraving works, adesivos, letras, because you can calculate price based on the dimensions of the writing or add up a quantity for every single character/letter added.

It also calculates automatically updated weight by its dimensions!

It differs from other woocommerce product customization plugins, because it focuses only on “texto”, so it is very lightweight, and if you need only to work with customized text it will speed up your website, because of its tiny dimensions.

Let’s do some examples:

I am a font designer and I wanna sell my font family in my website.

When customer will look to your product, he will be able to write a custom text with your font face, so he can preview how the font will look like.

I own a sign shop and wanna sell simple stickers, custom lettering, custom text for engraving etc.

When customer will look to your product, he will be able to write a custom text with your available fonts, so he can preview how the font will look like.

You can also customize the css and the way your text is presented.

Plus if you put in the admin a price per square inch (or square cm) de (por exemplo) $0.12 price will calculate its total by dimensions and it will also calculate WEIGHT for shipment purposes.

So if customer writeHELLO” e “HELLOdimension is 25×10inches, total price would be $3


Otherwhise you can calculate price by every letter added. So if the base price is $3.00 and customer writesHELLO”, product quantity would be 5 (the total hello lenght) * 3, giving a total of $15.00

Screenshots de admin


Add to woocommerce products a textarea where user can pickup a font and write with that style

It calculates automatically updated price and show it LIVE.

You can automatically calculate product price by custom text dimensions

If calculate product price by custom text dimensions, weight will auto update to choose right shipment option.

Funciona com Wocoommerce produto addons, gravity forms woocommerce product add on and variations

Compatible with Inventive woocommerce discounts

You can assign to each product from 1 to infinite font styles the user can choose from.

Muito simples e eficaz de usar

Pronto multilingue

Look the demo!

Guia de início rápido: learn how to create your first product with text customizer!

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