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Mona Analytics is the most powerful wordpress analytics plugin, which included every data of your business, such at Website, Página no Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram… and more Social Network will coming after you suggest your in the comment box bellow.

And what information you gonna have when purchase this awesome plugin? Here are they:

EU. WordPress site Analytics
Number of post From To
Number of post per day
Number of comment per day
Most commented post
Top Author sort by Post.

II. Google Analytics:
Mona Analytics will collect all of data from your google analytics account and display it through a Chart so you can improve, develop your strategies.

– Sessões
– Usuários
Pages per session
Avg Session Duration
Bounce rate
New sessions
Age group
– Língua
– Localização

II. Facebook page analytics
Mona Analytics will help you to manage your Official page and other pages IN YOUR WORDPRESS ADMIN by FACEBOOK INSIGHT.

– Gosta de: Tracking your page like, Net like and follow.
Reach: Tracking your posts reach, charts for reactions, Comentários, ações, esconder, relatórios, spam, unlike and for Each reactions.
– Histórias: The number of stories about your Page by story type.
– Visualizações de página: Net views, Loggin Views, Idade, Gender, Dispositivo.
– Posts: Tracking your posts by the smartest chart and detail insight.
– Vídeo: Tracking Your video Views, or Over 30seconds Views, And each Video post Insight.
– Pessoas: Tracking people who like/views your page by Age, Gender, Localização (País, Cidade), Língua

We will keep updating this plugin with many different kind of social.
Twitter Multi Account Analytics will release in v1.1!

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