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Your blogs/news websites will be more fun and interactions
Your fans can express their feelings more deeply
Só 5 seconds installation
Incluídos mais de 3 Emoji collections packaged

Have you ever thought about letting your fans interact with your posts, pages in a very comfortable and interesting way?. Assim As you can see I’m using reactions among this dialog. It’s very cool and awesome, Não é? . I’m sure this would be more fasinating than any common dialog, believe me your pages or blogs would be better with Mona Emoji .

Perfect with wordpress Edtior

Only 5s installation or less, you can freely using this in every contents you desire. Além disso, you can use up to 3 Emoji collections in the package (more Emoji collections coming soon). And of course you can make your own Emoji by yourself using Mona Emoji customize features. .

INCLUDING 4+ collections of Emoji and more


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