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NMD is the perfect theme for the Travel Blogger, Digital Nomad, Food Blogger or just any blogger.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Make sure you check out the NMD Minimal Demo too for the fast and fresh version of the theme.

Why Buy NMD?

  • É fresco, it’s direct and it’s simple
  • Take a look at our tweet share area which can easily be switched on to replace the standard WordPress Comments.
  • You can control the hashtagging and even the username via on a post by post basis. Perfect for tracking your tweets and for guest blog posts too.

  • Every detail has been honed, check out the subtle transitions and animations as you look through the demo.

Homepage hero settings

  • Striking full height hero
  • Set a background colour for the hero
  • Upload a logo/image
  • Upload a cover image
  • Upload an HTML5 video in webm and mp4 format (Please note mobile/tablet devices will get the image you set instead).
  • You can also mute the video, show a mute button and even change the height of the hero.

It gets better

  • Formulário de contato 7 compatibility built-in
  • You can turn everything on and off including: Menu, Menu de rodapé, logotipo, título do site, Data, comment count, trecho, Leia mais, Categoria meta, tag meta, autor de meta, paginação, comments on posts, comments on pages, biografia do autor, widgets de rodapé.
  • Beautiful author pages
  • Change all the colours, fontes, tamanhos de fonte, espaçamento entre letras

Ask away

If there is anything you want to knowplease ask away in the comments

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