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Meet Sannn, um super limpo & handsome timeline oriented tumblog style WordPress theme ideal for bloggers, fotógrafos, digital artists, musicians andbasically everyone with a story to tell.

Sannn is a follow up to the popular Sann theme, which was the first of it’s kind: a timeline oriented tumblog style WordPress theme. The original Sann theme was released in 2013. Now it’s back: bigger, better and smoother.

If you’re on the lookout for a well designed, well coded and well structured theme for your content: Não procure mais, Sannn is a great match for any type of content. Wether it’s text, fotografias, digital art, de áudio ou vídeo: Sannn will make your content shine.

Principais características

  • Limpar & minimal look and feel
  • Neatly timeline oriented
  • Super responsive for all your devices
  • Rolagem infinita (Se aquela é sua coisa)
  • Handpicked typography options
  • Enough color options to make the theme yours
  • Altamente personalizável com o personalizador
  • Tradução pronta
  • Muito mais… (Obviamente)

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