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With WooCommerce Bulk Variations your customers can easily add multiple variations with a user-friendly interface at once to the cart. All selected variations will be added as single items into the cart.


Como é que funciona

Se você já usando produtos variáveis com algumas variações, it only takes a few seconds to enable Bulk Variations for a single variable product.

  1. Enable Bulk Variations for a variable product via Product Data Metabox.
  2. Adjust the options for your needs.
  3. Feito!!!


  • Enable for your existing variable products with one-click. NO SETUP HASSLE!
  • Replace the standard dropdowns with search-able dropdowns. Very user-friendly when you are using a lot of attribute terms.
  • Works on any Desktop, Tablet and Mobile device.
  • Every variation will be added as an own item into the cart to keep the pricing calculation (coupons etc.).
  • Perfectly integrated into the WooCommerce settings.
  • Different responsive layout options to fit form into any theme.
  • Compatível com Designer de produto chique. Price of Fancy Product Designer is added automatically to every variation.
  • Translate frontend labels with WPML.

WordPress temas e Plugins Gratis:

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