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WooLoader is a WordPress Plugin that will add a beautifully animated loading screen indicator WooCommerce check out page. You can create unique preloading effects on check out process. Choose the best loading spinner for your preloader from the three available option (CSS3, GIF, SVG). Personalizar a cor, tamanho, e plano de fundo, adicione algum texto abaixo o girador de carregamento.
• Customize preloading effects on specific node.
• 50+ CSS3 incríveis Fiandeiros de carregamento disponíveis.
• 28 GIF animado bonito disponível.
• 12 Fiandeiros de carregamento de SVG disponíveis.
• Custom text below the loading spinner.
• Customize the size and the color of the text you want to add.
• Enable/Disable WooLoader on mobile view.

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