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  1. clean for trash and old data
  2. optimize your database
  3. guarda 24/24 horas
  4. let create your custom scheduled tasks

Foguete de WP clean your site automatically and after all work is done it sends reports diariamente, semanal ou mensal to your Email.

Plugin have two main components calledAsseclas” e “Tarefas


Minions are hark workers which do all black work , they just waiting for your commands.

  • Clean orphan meta like posts, comments or user meta
  • Clean posts like trash draft or revision
  • IP block by IP or range of IP
  • Country Block by country name
  • Repair and optimize wordpress tables


Tasks are condition tasks created by you and working without you. Once you created a task you will receive weekly or monthly tasks reports to your email. Some of popular tasks are:

  • Posts Cleanerit removes automatically old posts for different status
  • Comments Cleanerit removes old comments and send report by email
  • Login Controlit woks like firewall for your website , if there is more than %n failed logins than it can do:
    • Email Blockblock user by email
    • IP Blockblock user by ip for a %n time
    • ReCaptcha – add reCaptcha to your login form
    • Alert by emailit notify you by email
  • Page Loading Alertit check if website is loading more than %s seconds than it alerts you by email
  • Duplicate postsit detected duplicated posts and delete

Versão 1.0

- Initial realease

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