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  • Instalação rápida e fácil.
  • Suporte de tipo de post : Type of post to applied live search. if you have select only one products as post type and search box type as advanced so range slider, product type and product category options appear on frontend.
  • Options for how many Recommendation Results Appear
  • You have select multiple post type support, so site owner to made more powerfull search functionality
  • Mínimo & maximum Price Range Search
  • Product Type Search like
    • À venda
    • Destaque
    • Mais votados
    • Most Reviewed
    • Recent Added
    • In Stock
    • Fora de estoque
  • Product Category Search
  • Input box box for live AJAX search
  • Easily Change Short Content Length
  • Easily Change All Types color like title color, cor preço, add to cart button color, range slider border and background color
  • Easily Change Product Hover after title color, cor preço, add to cart button color
If You want to see live demo off Live Search : Demo é aqui

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

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