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Sushi Chat is a responsive chat plugin for WordPress. Sushi Chat works on all devices and is user friendly. You can embed videos, images and format your messages.

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Feature List

  • Responsive – Works on all mobile and desktop devices
  • Anti-Flood – Prevent users from flooding your chat
  • Taxonomies – Take advantage of WordPress’s category and tag system
  • Custom Colors
  • Embed videos & images
  • Change font family and font size
  • Format messages with bold, italics and strikethrough
  • BBCode Enabled
  • Emoticons and Smileys. Add and change commands easily
  • Animations – Over 10 animations for displaying new messages.
  • Decide which features users can use by enabling/disabling buttons
  • Give certain users moderator access by chat room
  • Ban users by username
  • Restrict users from chatting in certain rooms by role
  • Custom Alert Sounds
  • Filthy Words filter – Disallow certain words from being used in chat rooms
  • Display images in chat or by lightbox
  • Customize the color for usernames
  • Private Messaging
  • Add friends
  • Chat Logs

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