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Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress is plugin which help you to manage and display all testimonials on slider.

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Tiva Testimonials Slider 1

Management testimonials in admin site

Tiva Testimonials Slider Admin

With many styles and options, you can customize your testimonials slider easily.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 2

You can put testimonials slider everywhere in your website via widget or shortcode.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 3

Why choose Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress ?

  • Display your testimonials friendly on slider.
  • Very easy to integrate into your website.
  • Many styles to choose.
  • Many options to customize.
  • Fully responsive.

Tiva Testimonials Slider 4

See demo for Tiva Testimonials Slider For WordPress here!

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This product use Owl Carousel to develop (http://www.owlcarousel.owlgraphic.com).


Version 1.0 (22 May 2016)
    - Initial release.

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