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General Description

The highly popular “UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login” plugin includes multiple shortcodes that are used to embed forms, member lists, user information, etc. into your page. Some of those shortcodes have more than 100 different setting parameters, that are interdependent and conditional. Using those shortcodes can therefore be very complex, but if you are also using the popular “Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress” plugin, than this add-on has the solution for you.

This add-on provides dedicated elements for Visual Composer that give you access to all shortcode settings UserPro allows for, while grouping those settings into easy to understand tabs and automatically hiding the settings that don’t apply based on other settings.

Use Elements for the following Templates

The add-on will provide you with dedicated elements to insert and control the layout of the following UserPro templates. Some templates require additional official add-ons for the UserPro core plugin (*).

  • Login Form
  • Registration Form
  • Password Reset Form
  • Simple List
  • Member Directory
  • Enhanced Member Directory
  • Collage
  • View Profile
  • Edit Profile
  • Profile Card
  • Posts by Users
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Frontend Publisher
  • Activity Feed
  • Social Connect Buttons
  • Social Wall *
  • Bookmarks *
  • Rating *
  • Reviews *

What does this plugin NOT do?

This plugin will NOT add any additional features or stylings to the “UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login” plugin. All shortcodes generated by this add-on will still be processed and handled by UserPro.

Other Requirements

This plugin requires two additional plugins in order to work correctly. Those other plugins are NOT included with this plugin and must be purchased separately from their respective authors.

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