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WebGrabber is a WordPress plugin that helps you automatically get HTML from a web page and display it on your blog post/page. The main benefit of using this plugin is that it grabs fresh data from the source whenever you open your page so your data always remains up-to-date. It’s especially useful when your source is frequently updated like stock quotes, news, prices, rankings, etc.


WebGrabber cannot grab the following types of content:

Videos: YouTube, Vimeo, and most other video sharing websites.

Flash: The contents of flash files (the flash file itself can be retrieved).

Content Visible Only to Registered Users: Profile page, inbox, etc.

JavaScript Generated HTML: Content that is generated using AJAX, Angular.js, or other JavaScript techniques can’t be retrieved. You can check if a page uses these techniques by disabling JavaScript in your browser. If you can still see the content then you can scrape that page.

Note that if the html you want to grab contains images with relative paths, they won’t show up on your page.


We assumes no responsibility for any abusive use of this software product and/or violation of any terms of usage of the grabbed web pages. If you decide to use this software product, do it with responsibility and make sure that you are allowed to display the grabbed HTML contents from the web page by checking its terms of usage. This software product is sold exclusively on codecanyon.net.

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