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Converts the checkout process into a focused tunnel with heavy reduction of abandonment rate
– Perfect, crisp and clean presentation of the checkout process
– Give you the conversion power of Amazon within your own WooCommerce Shop
Improve your checkout rate by 54,1% due to distraction free optimized site
– Real-time validation gives you a instant confirmation of your inputs and therefore increases comfort


Significant lower abandonment rate! Shops have a abandonment rate about 74,6%, with this plugin you can get it down to as low as 21,4%
– Your customers are more statisfied with buying products because he is led through the process in a very easy way. Therefore you are able to dramatically increase your user experience
More revenue! Because customers who have a high user experience buy not just more often but also with a higher shopping cart. Usually your shopping cart can increase up to 17,9%.


100% responsive due to the use of the famous Bootstrap CSS Framework. This means you will have a perfect checkout on every device from desktop computers to laptops or smartphones.
– Use of clear and obvious call-to-action elements which will boost your sales.
– Easy One-Page-Checkout for a clean and structured checkout
– Redesign of the thank you page close to Amazon
– Clean and simple design gives maximum focus without any distractions
– Adjustable layout (text color, font size, background colors) to fit the own shop design


Social Media
Thank you page with an Amazon-like „Share your purchase“-function for Facebook, Twiter and E-Mail

Simple Installation
– Super easy one-click installation and automated adaption of your WooCommerce configuration

Controll Center
Admin backend with many options
– Super easy deinstallation:
o Within the installation process the plugin is doing backups of specific files, which are restored when you deinstall the plugin.

– 100% SSL support

Conversion Rate Optimization
– Boost conversion rate with perfect call-to-action elements
– Awesome structuring of the checkout process through maximum reduction of exit possibilities. This means a significant lower abandonment rate
– Crisp and clear shopping cart overview for awesome user comfort (did I buy the right things?)
– „Artificial Intelligence“: After entering your billing information the plugin will load these details automatically the next time. That way you improve the checkout time even more!

Usability Optimization
– There is always a step-navigation, a so called progress indicator, which shows you the progress of your checkout in real-time
79% higher focus of buying through reduction of distractions
– Supports login and registration within checkout
– Validation can be activated or deactivated for all fields through the admin backend


– Detailed and structured online documentation with pictures
– Easy customer support through our AdZurroHelp online system
– 1 year of free updates
Cheap installation service for just 37,90 $.


– 100% WPML Ready (Multilingual Translation)
– 100% WooCommerce Germanized Ready
– Maintaining WooCommerce Filters/Hooks
– Use of WooCommerce features for the checkout
This Plugin can be also used with the high German standards for Shops (if you use for example WooCommerce Germanized)

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