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Want to make your WooCommerce the perfect dropshipping platform? Look no further!
WooCommerce Dropshipper is WordPress plugin that makes your e-commerce dropshipper-ready.
No more compromises, no more tentative solutions, this is the one and only fully functional dropshipping platform for Woocommerce.
With WooCommerce Dropshipper an administrator can assign to an user the custom role Dropshipper.
Once the role is assigned to the user, the administrator can assign products to the dropshippers. That’s it. For every sale done the dropshipper will receive a mail notification and can inform the store owner of the shipped good to the user’s address.
The administrator will have the ability to look at the orders and see how many dropshippers have completed and evaded the order.


  • v.1.0 – Initial release


  • Custom Dropshipper role
  • Easily assign products to a Dropshipper
  • Dropshippers gets notified when one of their products gets sold
  • Dropshippers can notify the administrator when they evade the order
  • Admins can easily see if a product has been shipped by a Dropshipper
  • Custom dashboard with sales for dropshippers
  • More than one Dropshipper can take part in a single order, they will all be listed up for the admin to be easily managed
  • More to come!

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