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The WooCommerce Role by Amount Spent plugin (WCRA) is a powerful tool that allows the shop admin to create “assignment rules” that dinamically assign role(s) to the customers according to the amount spent during the configured time periods. This tool can be very useful
because can be use togheter with the WooCommerce Pricing! (or any 3rd party plugin) to assign dynamic prices or discounts according to the assigned roles.


user: demo
pass: demo

user: demo2
pass: demo

user: demo3
pass: demo


It’s very straight-forward. Once installed and activated, a new “WooCommerce Role by Amount Spent” voice will appear in the main menu from where the shop admin can access to the “Roles and Amounts” rules configurator and create the “assignment rules”. By each rule it can be defined roles to assign according to time periods, user roles restriction, minimum amount spent (and optionally a max amount spent) and products/categories restrictions.


Using the Roles and Amounts Configurator menu can be created assignment rules with the following options:

  1. Rule name: used to identify the rule
  2. Dates: you can configure multiple date when the role assignment rule can be applied
  3. Role(s) restriction: You can choose to apply rule of if the customer already has one or more roles.
  4. Products/Categories restriction: You can choose to apply rule only if the customer has spent the desidered amount range in the selected products/categories.
  5. Minimum/Max Amount: these are the min/max amout spent value that the customer must spend in one of the configured period. If so, the selected role(s) (in next step) will be assigned.
  6. Role(s) to assign: Roles to assign to the customer if the amount has been spent during the configured periods.
  7. Role(s) removal: If an user already has one of the roles to assign but he has not spent the configured amount during the period, roles are removed.

*Role has to be created befor creating the rule. To create a role use the Embedded Role Editor or any other 3rd party plugin.


The WCRA plugin have a inbuilt role editor that allow the shop admin to easily create new roles or delete old or inused ones. Roles can be used to assign special discount
or prices using the WooCommerce Pricing! or any 3rd party plugin.

Rule Assignment Example

Would you like to assign a special “Premium user spring 2016” role to all the customers who have spent at least 100 during spring season? it’s simple

  1. Create a new rule and assign a name/id
  2. Create new dates where:
    1. starting date: 20/03/2016
    2. end date: 21/06/2016
  3. Role restriction: leave unselected
  4. Amount: 100
  5. Max Amount: leave empty
  6. Role to assign: “Premium user spring 2016”

*Role has to be created befor creating the rule. To create a role use the Embedded Role Editor or any other 3rd party plugin.

Role Re-Calculator tool

By default new roles are assigned to a customer after he have placed an order (if any role by amount spet rules matches). If the shop admin would like to computer roles without waiting the user to place an order,
he can use the “Roles re-calculator”. You have to simply hit the “Recompute” button and the plugin will do the rest. That’s it! :)


Frontend price change will be applied to shop page, product page, cart page,…






= 1.0 - 20/03/16 =
* Release

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