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“WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Make/Model/Year” is one of the best plugin for find Vehicles or Vehicle Parts on the website based on Year/Make/Model. The plugin provides very easy interface to use for Admin. Admin can add filter widget anywhere on the website using either widget section or shortcode.

= Highlights/Features =

  • A plugin for vehicle parts search based on Make/Model/Year/Keyword
  • Allows you to add multiple Makes from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Models relevant to a particular Make from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Years relevant to a particular Model from an easy interface
  • Provides a very easy interface to associate Makes, Models and Years for a Product
  • Provides “WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder” widget as well as shortcode for easy use
  • Users can search for Products/Parts based on the criteria they want to choose
  • Easy to setup and use

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