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WooCommerce Wholesale Add-on lets you have Wholesaler customers integrated in your WooCommerce powered store.
This can happen in 2 ways:

  • Manual role assignment
  • Customer wants to upgrade to a Wholesaler and requests membership upgrade from a special contact page.

You will be able to monitor all customer’s requests through a convenient administrator dashboard in the backend (where you can approve/refuse memberships)

Once a customer has the wholesaler role he will see discounted prices on the store. The discounted price happens in 2 way: global setting and per product setting

In the global setting you will be able to specify a percentage that will be applied to all the products in your store (e.g.10%). On every product you will also have a “Wholesale price” field that will Override the global setting, if filled.
This will allow you to have a quick bulk price reduction and also allow you to fine-tune some special products (or all of them).


  • Custom user role “Wholesaler”
  • Wholesaler application page with shortcode
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7 plugin (if chosen it will override the default form and use a specified contact form 7 of your choice to collect wholesaler information application)
  • Global price discount %
  • Per-product Wholesale price
  • Admin panel to manage/refuse subscriptions


v1.0 - 2016/07/08
- Initial release

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