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WOOZOOm is a product image magnifier and an image slider that can be easily customized. It helps enhance user experience and sales.

= Highlights/Features =

  • Zooms to actual image size on mouse-over
  • Allows you to set main product image size and thumbnail size
  • Allows you to choose a Zoom Type (Window, Lens, Inner Display)
  • Allows you to select a Zoom Box Position.
  • Allows you to customize Zoom Box Size
  • Allows you to activate/deactivate “Mouse Scroll on Zoom,” a feature that allows site visitors to zoom in and out of the image by using the mouse scroll wheel
  • Allows you to activate/deactivate “Image Easing,” which when activated smoothens the magnification UI experience
  • Allows you to exclude categories.
  • Allows you to exclude products.
  • Allows you to include products from excluded categories.
  • Mobile Friendly and easy to setup

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