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Finally, an easy way to record and categorize your entire library for all the internet to see!

Simply add your books and let WordPress Book List scour the internet for all information possible about the title, including the cover image, page number, category, publication date, and more!

WordPress Book List then displays your titles in an attractive grid, prominently displaying the cover image for all to see.

Some other features include:

-Add your own notes to each entry so you never forget your thoughts and opinions on the title

-A two-click backup process ensures you’ll never lose your library

-Download an Excel spreadsheet of your library for an additional backup

-Cover images, page numbers, categories, and more are automatically pulled from the internet for your convenience

-Easily edit or delete existing entries

-Easily keep track of what books you own, which ones you’ve finished, how many pages you’ve read, and more!

WordPress Book List is an easy-to-use, straightforward WordPress plugin for all the book lovers out there. Try WordPress Book List today!

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