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Finally, an easy way to record and categorize your entire library of video games for all the internet to see!

Check out a working demo here.

How does WPGameList work?

Simply plug in the name of your video game and let WordPress Game List scour the internet for all information possible about the title, including:

  • Cover Images
  • Screenshots
  • Trailers & Videos
  • Summary
  • Genre
  • Links to Amazon, Gamestop, Steam, Best Buy, and EBay
  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • Release Date
  • Platforms

Additionally, WPGameList allows you to record your own thoughts and opinions on each video game for all your visitors to see!

Some additional features include:

  • Multiple ‘Libraries’ for different pages and purposes on your site
  • Sort by Genre, Titles Finished, and more!
  • Search by Title
  • Download & Backup your entire library to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Track how many games you’ve completed
  • Social media links for sharing your titles
  • Customizable display

Try out WordPress Game List today!

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