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WP In This Post

When we write our long posts in our blogs it is a best practice to separate the different topics and subtopics by using heading elements (h1, h2, h3 and so on).

Why not expand this common practice to provide your readers with an easy way to navigate between topics in the post and give them a real sense of what you are talking about by the topics headlines?

With WP In This Post you can do just that, add a awesome navigational bar that show your readers where they are in your post and what is coming next. It also supports comments block, so they can comment to your post as soon as they finish to read it!

Don’t get what we are talking about? Just check out our demo page.


  1. Adds a simple bar to the top or bottom of your page with navigable links to the topics of your post.
  2. Get the topics automatically using heading elements like h2 or h3
  3. Support to comment blocks, so the comments section also appear as a link!

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